Motorised TV lift troubleshooting

Motorized TV Lift 

Widely used in conference rooms, home and offices
Why my motorised TV lift is not working?

In this article we are going to explain two common cause for your motorized tv lift stand not working and how to troubleshoot. 

Make sure the TV lift plug is connected to an active power socket.

Duty cycleOur Motorised TV lift comes with 2 minutes of working and 18 minutes of rest time. Means if you continuously does the lifting and bring down of the TV lift for 2 minutes system will automatically goes to rest for 18 minutes.

But there is a way to override this rule. ( We don’t recommend using this method as it affects the life of the system) Power off the TV lift and remove the plug from the socket and connect it again. The TV lift will start working skipping the 18 minute rest time.
Memory erased by mistakeBefore troubleshooting this let us explain how to set Height & Depth of the TV Lift. If you knowingly or unknowingly clear the height or depth set earlier the motorised tv li…

Searching for Gas spring manufacturer in India?

A gas spring is a type of spring uses compressed nitrogen gas contained within an enclosed cylinder sealed by a sliding piston. Gas springs are commonly used to open automobiles trunk or hood with less effort. Other applications includes recliner chairs, medical and aerospace applications etc. There are numerous applications in the machinery and equipment design for that we offer special solutions to meet the special requirements.

These gas springs has received certification from the German Aviation Association making these gas springs qualified for aerospace applications too. Click her to view Certificates

Different types of Gas springs are available according to the application needs all are used to for controlled pushing, lifting or lowering without external energy!
 - Highest corrosion resistan…

Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors for material handling

We also deals with conveyor technology for an uninterrupted flow of goods. We have a range of roller conveyor for all scenarios. All of our conveyors are customised to fit the space and use aluminium profiles to frame and support the conveyor in any configuration.  Their various uses are extensive, from transporting goods between workbenches to large automated production facilities.

1) For simple goods transportation - Side Strip conveyors can be used.

2) Conveyors with Caster Rail - This system is flexible for manual work piece transport 

3) Roller Conveyors with easy running castors for universal use. Can also use with Flanged wheel for guidance along Conveyor line or castor ball sets and EDS brush sets suitable for table tops that connected to your interlinked track.

4) Chain driven roller Conveyors 

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BIBUS Horizon Mechatronics & Automations Pvt Ltd. No.10…

3 main features of Industrial Aluminium Profiles

Best in class solution for all design and construction tasks involving factory equipment engineering. These industrial aluminium profiles can be used to build everything from simple frames to fully automated production lines. Three main features customers trust on Item aluminium profiles over others. 

1)  Profiles can withstand tensile loading of up to 5,000 N and use M8 bolts

2) cross sections are FEM optimized to enable and build the best solutions

3) Trusted German engineering & quality control for extra advantages than others

All our profiles have a "power locking" effect to ensure a firm and stable connection with other components thanks to inclined groove flanks. The controlled elastic deformation in the groove flanks, the fastening screw creates a vibration-free connection. Which our competitors don't have. 
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Industrial equipment trader

BIBUS was established 1947 by Dipl. Ing. Hans Bibus as an exclusively steel trading company it was further expanded and developed by his son Felix Bibus. From being a steel trader, the company has developed over the decades into the business segments of technology, materials and electronics. The same core competencies are pursued in all three segments: Engineering, Logistics and Services. BIBUS Group now consisting of over 32 subsidiaries throughout Europe & Asia, we have the ability to provide many diverse industries with a complete engineering solution for all their application needs.
Today BIBUS is a trusted brand delivering expert advice and the right products of the required quality on the agreed delivery date at a fair market price all over the market.

BIBUS Horizon Mechatronics & Automations Pvt. Ltd / BIBUS INDIA officially came into existence on April 13th 2013. We are responsible for the sales, distribution and technical support of pneumatic, mechatronic & environm…

OEM Assembly Table Manufacturer

Are you an Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in India? who makes assembly workstation, packaging workbench, laboratory work benches, lab workbench, assembly tables? Then you might be interested in our world class industrial aluminum profiles from Germany. 

Our aluminum profiles is resistant to weathering and many chemicals, Scratch, corrosion-protected and does not required any painting or welding jobs.  These aluminum profiles are modular and uses bolt-together technology which make it very flexible to configure / re-configured according to changing needs and workflows.

Due to such reliable qualities many research projects like European XFEL – the world’s largest X-ray laser and universities (Whitepapers) uses this aluminum profile.

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Train power supplies

Railway power supplies
BIBUS INDIA is the authorized distributor of PULS power supplies which are certified to fulfil railway standards. PULS DIN-rail power supplies can be used both within the train and on the track.
Our complete range of 1 to 3 phase units and DC/DC converters are currently available, all of which can be mounted on DIN rails and are certified to comply with the common railway standards:
EN 50155 Railways Applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
EN 61373 Rolling Stock Equipment – Shock and vibration tests
EN 50121-3-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility – Rolling stock – Apparatus
EN 45545-2 Fire Protection on Railway Vehicles

The units are: convection cooled, operational down to -40°C; equipped with vibration-compensating spring clamp terminals, conformal coated, extremely lightweight in a compact housing and exhibit the highest level of efficiency. PULS DIN-Railway customers also receive the benefits of the logistical resources of a large-scale manufacturer.